About Us


When we started Wirehive we wished there was a connectivity company like us, that shared our values and made it easy to do business and understand the world of connectivity. Despite the years that have passed we believe that business still doesn’t exist, so we decided to make it and its called 1310.

Simon Green
James Rossell
Robert Belgrave

Using our deep understanding of technology and experience of running and growing a hosting business our aim is to make it simple, easy and affordable for business to get high speed, reliable Internet connectivity.

We have achieved this by establishing a relationship with Openreach and unbundling local exchanges so we can provide connectivity powered by our own network and infrastructure.

1310, pronounced thirteen-ten, is inspired from the wavelength of light (1310 nanometres) that is used in the delivery of fibre optic connectivity.

Telephone: 0333 300 1310

Chester House
Farnborough Aerospace Centre
GU14 6TQ

Company Number: 11595588

VAT Number: 305548902