Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a problem with your line right now?

First of all, check our status website at status.1310.io to see if there is something larger afoot. Assuming all looks good there you can contact us 24×7 on 0333 300 1310 or during the day by emailing help@1310.io.


  • Available on the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme
  • Uncontended, symmetrical bandwidth options from 10Mbps – 1Gbps
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Typical lead time 15-65 working days
  • Dedicated provisioning manager
  • 24/7/365 UK-based support
  • 99.9% availability SLA as standard

The connectivity we supply is provided over fibre optics using light. That light is produced by a laser, and the wavelength, or colour, of that light is 1310 nanometers. Hence the name, 1310!

(You can’t actually see this wavelength of light as it’s in the Infrared band of the spectrum.)

Ordering And Installation

Install time varies depending on existing duct infrastructure around your location. Generally speaking: the newer the building the faster the installation.

During our initial desk survey we will be able to give an indicative install lead time, usually varying between 15 and 65 working days.

While we can deliver our service to anywhere in the UK, not all properties are alike and therefore before we will accept an order we perform a desk survey to assess viability. The purpose of this is to flag any reasons there could be delays or excess construction charges.

Once your order is placed it is possible an on-site survey may be required, where a surveyor will visit your property. This sort of survey will be mostly be required if you have never had a fibre internet connection before.

If the on-site survey indicates duct or tube work is required then this step comes next. This is the area with the greatest impact on lead time, and can vary from a half day visit right up to several weeks of roadworks. The result of this will be a tube in your property down which fibre will be blown by a fibre engineer.

There will then be a visit from a fibre engineer to blow the actual fibre into your property down the tube.

The final step is the installation of an NTE (Network Termination Equipment) which both converts the fibre to a format you can make use of as well as providing a means of us monitoring the line for faults.

Working with 1310

As standard 1310 is supplied as a “wires only” service. This means we usually only supply equipment required to terminate the line in your property. In order to make use of your new ultra-fast Internet connection you will require a router which will allow your computers to connect. Almost all companies make use of WiFi as well, which means you will either need a router with integrated WiFi or, more commonly in businesses properties, separate wireless access points.

The connectivity we sell is substantially faster than a regular broadband Internet connection. As such, it’s possible your existing router may not be able to handle the throughput required to fully utilise your new connection.

Additionally, traditional broadband is delivered over a copper line whereas our ultrafast connectivity is broad to you over fibre. This means your existing equipment may not have the required interfaces to connect to us.

We can advise you on if your existing equipment will work when you get in contact with us.

Our connectivity is targeted at businesses likely to have existing IT departments and services, and as such we do not automatically supply a router. However if this is something you would like then we can supply a router, options will be discussed when you get in contact with us.

[Warning: technical answer!]

After installation you will be left with a type of fibre interface called 1000BASE-LX with a LC connector and a wavelength of 1310nm over singlemode fibre. This is an extremely common type of connection, and you should have no trouble connecting to it. If this answer leaves you in any doubt then please reach out to us and we’ll help you out.

First of all, check our status website at https://status.1310.io/ to see if there is something larger afoot. Assuming all looks good there you can contact us 24×7 on 0333 300 1310 or during the day by emailing help@1310.io.

We accept payment by credit/debit card, securely managed by Stripe.

We can generate your invoicing to cover monthly, quarterly, or annual periods, depending on your preference.

We’re quite flexible, and if you have requirements around extremely short (or extremely long) terms we can put a custom term in place. Our standard terms are 12 months and 36 months.

Contact Information

If you prefer telephone, you can call us any time on 0333 300 1310.

Alternatively if email is more your thing:

General Enquiries: hello@1310.io
Support: help@1310.io
Billing: billing@1310.io

And last of all if you need to contact us in person or by regular old mail you’ll find us at: Chester House, Farnborough Aerospace Centre, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6TQ